Tour Als & Sundeved -food experiences

Join us on an exquisite journey through South Jutland's culinary treasure trove!. On Tour Als and Sundeved, we explore local food producers and gastronomic gems in the area.

 **Comfortable Travel: **

Our luxurious bus, where you will be transported through the beautiful countryside. Our experienced Gastro guide will be your valuable companion sharing fascinating insights into South Jutland's food culture.

 **From Soil to Table: ** Gain a deeper understanding of food production when we visit local producers. Meet passionate people who love to share the story behind their products.

 **Tastes: ** Enjoy a taste experience like no other! Our tour includes exciting tastings from different manufacturers.

 **Signature Dishes: ** We end the tour on a high note by visiting a local restaurant that presents a delicious signature dish. Enjoy culinary experience that combines tradition and innovation, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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. Discover South Jutland food Denmark

13:00 The bus stops at Sønderborg Castle

13:30 Buses leave from the P square at Sønderborg Castle

19.00 The bus arrives at the P square at Sønderborg Castle

Tour content:

Shuttle bus, tour duration is 5½ hours

Tasting tests at 3 to 4 food manufacturers

1st signature dish at a selected restaurant and 1st glass of wine or cider.

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